TED Talks

David Pogue says Simplicity Sells
  Upgrade of a software doesn’t mean it has to have new (and unnecessary) features
 Doing things rights
 Tap Managers (more than 3 taps is too many taps)
 The hard part is not figuring out which features to add but which features to sell

Jeff Han’s Breakthrough Touchsceen
 This thing allows you to have multiple points (of contact with the touchscreen) at the same  time.
 I could be doing this with as many fingers here, but of course multi-touch also inherently means multi-user.

John Underkoffler points to the Future of UI
 Minority Report…the Spatial Operating Environment…navigational control and manipulations with hands

Anand Agarwal demos BumpTop

So, I kind of believe that we’re in like the “cave-painting” era of computer interfaces. Like,  they’re very kind of, they don’t go as deep, or as emotionally engaging as they possibly    could be,and I’d like to change all that.

Fabian Hemmert: The shape shifting future of the mobile phone
 On the other hand, we humans, we live in physical world. It’s rich, it tastes good, it feels  good, it smells good. So the question is: how do we get the stuff over from the digital into  the physical?

Significant points
Touch screens
Physicality to interaction
Non interface interface
Audio interface to kinesthetic interface
Augmenting digital interaction with physical interactions and behaviour
Real world merging with the simulation-overlaying of information

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