Dance Central Demo using the Kinect

Popzara’s Brittany Vincent praised the game, saying “Dance Central may be the best game of its type ever made. It sashays out of the gate swinging with slick presentation, fantastically responsive controls, a shakin’ set list, and the innovative edge of hands-free control. As a party game, a workout option, or even a private break down, it just works; it’s the next evolution for dance games.”

Seems to be the one of the best rated out of all the ┬áDance Dance Revolution, Just dance Dancing with the Stars You don’t match silhouettes but the actual avatar. And gameplay involves holding the wii remote and not using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

It’s predecessor, Just Dance, released almost exactly a year before Dance Central was the fastest selling third-party Wii game ever, selling two million in its first four months but wasn’t well received by the critics because it didn’t have any unlockable features or progression and the detection of player movements substandard.